• Identify the relationship between cause data and effect data.
  • Reinforce the importance of collecting both cause and effect data.

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To Access Tricider, choose the links that correspond to your region

Step 1. Add one example of cause data and one example of effect data to the Tricider below. Add an argument to support why you placed your example in the chosen column.

Step 2. Add a comment affirming or countering a listed example in each column. You may give a thumbs up or vote for statements that resonated with you.

Effects Region 1

Effects Region 2

Effects Region 3

Effects Region 4

Effects Region 5

Effects Region 6

Effects Region 7

Effects Region 8

Causes Region 1

Causes Region 2

Causes Region 3

Causes Region 4

Causes Region 5

Causes Region 6

Causes Region 7

Causes Region 8

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