• Conduct a treasure hunt
  • Analyze gathered data
  • Prioritize findings
  • Complete fishbone diagram

Instructional Strategies Marzano

Sample Fishbone Diagram

Click here for a sample.
1. Using your data, determine the effect/problem you want to use as your focus area. Fill the effect in the appropriate box on the right side of the fishbone diagram.

Click here for a fillable Word version of the diagram.

Click here for a fillable PDF version of the diagram.

2. Determine the major cause categories and add them to the category boxes.

3. Identify the possible root causes for your effect and add them as sub-branches with arrows under the appropriate category. Causes can fall under more than one category and can be added to the diagram as needed.

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Agenda -> Opening Activities -> Building the Foundation -> Treasure Hunt & Analyze -> SMART Goals-> Strategies & Results -> Monitoring & Evaluating
-> Action Planning -> Team Overview -> Closure